Timothy Acevedo

My name is Timothy Acevedo

With over 10 years of online web design, SEO, Graphics design and even running a successful e-commerce business. I Started this site not only to help others but to challenge myself with the skills and knowledge I have learned over the years and pass them on to others.  This site is my hobby and what I love to work on with my free time.


These are just a few things I do on the side to help local companies and friends.


Your website is like your business's resume. When potential customers want to get information on a business typically they visit you website. I review and make suggestions to better leverage the power of a website.

Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO it allows better visibility in search results. With proper SEO implemented the more likely you are to gain more attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

Graphics and documentation

Basic graphics like you see on this site is something I enjoy doing. I also create or recreate documents and literature that businesses can use for teachings, reference, newsletters and more.


Marketing - Highly Proficient
Search Engine Optimization - Highly Proficient
Teamwork: Interpersonal Skills - Highly Proficient
Customer Focus & Orientation - Highly Proficient
Customer Service - Highly Proficient
Basic Maintenance and Repair - Highly Proficient



  • Organized
  • Customer relations
  • Customer service
  • Inventory
  • Networking
  • POS
  • Receiving
  • WordPress
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Stock control
  • Keyword Research
  • Email Marketing


  • Scheduling flexibility
  • MS Office
  • Communications
  • Team management
  • CorelDraw
  • Business operations
  • Supervision
  • Team building
  • Project organization
  • Inventory management
  • Graphics design
  • Research & Development



  • 5’s, Six Sigma
  • Article creation
  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Creation
  • Analytics
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Google Analytics


General Electronics - Clearwater, FL

November 2017 to Present

  • Operating 2 Robot cages designed to produce fuse cards.

  • Winding machine used to roll film and foil into packs for the use in capacitors.

  • Understanding blueprints, product specifications and tooling instructions to plan correct operational sequences and prevent materials waste.

  • Selected proper cutting tools and calculated correct parameters to manufacture quality parts.

  • Detected work-piece defects and machine malfunctions, maintaining machines to prevent future issues.

  • Documented daily production data and submitted accurate time logs to keep management up-to-date, using Oracle.

  • Established and adjusted feed rates and cutting parameters to keep operations in line with production demands.

  • Set up machines for various jobs to maintain high-quality manufacturing and waste reduction.

  • Measured and inspected finished products for defects, and compared to work instructions for accuracy.

  • Creation of operational manuals with details on troubleshooting and calibration.

  • Area 5's Champion and contributor to other areas.

  • Creation of visual documentation.

Pepin - Tampa, FL
December 2015 to December 2017
  • In charge of making sure all of my retail locations are fully stocked with merchandise.
  • Maintain and organize the appearance and cleanliness of shelve space, back stock and product.
  • Cover Account manager in the sales process and meeting with customers.
  • Tracked and analyzed weekly sales reports, implemented corrective action plans and streamlined sales operations.
  • Leveraged industry trends in customer industries and marketplaces to shape value-added solutions and approaches for key audiences.
  • Increased client revenue by creating effective advertising campaigns.
  • Oversaw multiple accounts and worked diligently to meet and exceed performance goals.
  • Established contracts, including pricing structures and service terms.
  • Secured long-term accounts by identifying client need, providing recommendations and delivering product on time.
  • Connected with current customers to assess satisfaction, determine needs and offer new services.
  • Deescalated customer issues and concerns with prompt follow-thru.
  • Assessed processes used to send products to customers and discovered more efficient method that was positively received by all involved parties.
  • Communicated sales department and account executives to update account information.
  • Managed budgeting, forecasting and performance for all accounts.
  • Participated in incentive programs and contests designed to support achievement of production goals.

The Digital Cig, LLC - Valrico, FL
December 2010 to December 2015
  • Own and manage an online ecommerce shop.
  • Manage website, inventory, customer relations, stock control, shipping and wholesale.
  • Oversaw project execution, phase progress, workmanship and team performance to drive on-time completion of deliverables.
  • Set pricing structures according to market analytics and emerging trends.
  • Assessed optimized and elevated operations to target current and expected demands.
  • Enhanced operational performance by developing effective business strategies, systems and procedures.
  • Presented products at events and tradeshows to increase brand awareness.
  • Promoted business on social media platforms to maximize brand identity and generate revenue.
  • Monitored supplier operations to verify quality, delivery schedule and conformance to contract specifications.
  • Promoted store offerings through newspaper advertisements, catalogs and brochures to attract new customers.
  • Directed preparation of marketing collateral, including descriptions, photographs and copy for print and digital needs.
  • Captured new customers by optimizing business strategies and launching products to diversify offerings.
  • Tested and optimized organic and paid acquisition channels, including content creation and curation, pay-per-click, event, social media and lead generation campaigns.
  • Conducted research and development on existing and emerging products to highlight benefits and attract retention.
  • Leveraged industry trends and competitive analyses to improve marketing campaign performance.
  • Recommended product changes to enhance customer interest and maximize sales.
  • Managed SEO, Keyword research and content creation.

LAGO Systems - Brandon, FL
December 2008 to December 2010
  • Manage computer systems and POS systems, network sales, rebuilding networks, spam filters, antivirus, monitoring, quotes, break fix, social networking and much more.
  • Communicated with and gathered feedback from customers about progress updates and worked to resolve specific concerns.
  • Modified existing software systems to enhance performance and add new features.
  • Conducted client needs assessments, developing budgets and determining cost estimates based upon this information.
  • Provided technology consultation for growing businesses, making recommendations and upgrading existing systems.
  • Participated in team meetings and provided input on deadlines, designs and enhancements.
  • Installed wiring, cabling and devices to establish, repair and improve network operations.
  • Provided excellent service and attention to customers when face-to-face or through phone conversations.

Office Depot - Sacramento, CA
December 2005 to December 2008
  • Merchandise the computer department: resets, upgrades, ordering, stocking, blueprint planning, customer service, receiving, warehouse, new technological development.
  • Followed all company policies, rules and procedures to promote company goals and maintain safety.
  • Maintained friendly, outgoing personality to promote positive work environment and build customer loyalty.
  • Maintained assigned area to store standards by setting up and monitoring accurate ad signage and correct merchandise placement.
  • Completed all assigned training to stay updated on important policies and procedures.
  • Monitored sales floor to identify customers in need of assistance and merchandise in need of replenishment.
  • Helped customers by answering questions and locating merchandise.