Our Mission

Allow our readers to feel confident in making a great income with a collection of our well put together resources and reviews. Allowing you to spend less time worrying about finances and more time focusing on what really matters, family.

What we do rite

1. Put our readers First

You are the number one focus for Monet Tree Profits. We aim to give you the best content we can create all while making it easy and accomplishable.

2. Solving a Problem

We aim to make our content as easy but informative as we possibly can. Allowing a reader to easily read and understand what we are writing about is our number one goal.

3. We don’t stop at OK

Starting the site we found ways to improve and simplify content. We strive to continually making our site as advanced and approachable as we can allowing you our reader to enjoy a more robust eperience.

4. Do what is rite

We are not here to pull in as much as we can with links to random products. Our team has years of experience in the market and write and review based on their personal experiences. Making money from great content is one thing but making up random, unclear, and pieced together articles is just wrong and now what we intent to share.

5. Impact lives

Can we help? Should we help? Well if not then we wouldn’t be building this site and we should just move on to something else. We are here and dedicated to help and improve your financial goals and perhaps help you learn a few things you never knew about. The same goes with us as we continue to grow, we too learn and pass those little lessons on to our readers.

Timothy Acevedo – Ace

With over 10 years of online web design, SEO, Graphics design and even running a successful e-commerce business. I Started this site not only to help others but to challenge myself with the skills and knowledge i have learned over the years and pass them on to others. Currently I work full time at an awesome job with great benefits. This site is my hobby and what i love to work on with my free time.

Owner of Money Tree Profits

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