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15 Ways to make money on Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Before we get in to the 15 Great ways to make money on Fiverr we want to know what is Fiverr? Fiver is a freelance service website that allows its members to offer gigs to its customers. Fiverr has come a long way since it first started with a $5 gig, now offering gigs or services up to the hundreds. This is why it was first called Fiver, everything used to cost five dollars. They later developed ways to add additional features to the freelancer allowing them to add extras to a service for an additional fee, typically another five dollars.

Now it seems to have graduated to pricing that depends on the freelancer and their service. You can still find thousands of gigs for $5 but you will also see different prices and upgrades depending on what you are looking for.

What Can You Sell on Fiverr?

Gigs can range from writing essays, building websites to interesting ones like “I will do funny 10,000 bc message and birthday wish as a caveman” Interesting and is a great make money on Fiverr.

make money on Fiverr

Besides some of the funny and outrageous gigs available, here is a small list of current gigs that can help you make money on Fiverr

Graphic and design

  • Design a business card
  • Video cover art
  • Social media cover art
  • Book cover
  • Logo creation

Writing & Translation

  • Article and blog post
  • resume writing
  • Translation
  • Research and summaries
  • Product description

How Much Can You Really Make on Gigs?

Stories told in forums and elsewhere show a variety of experiences ranging from people that didn’t sell anything after months, to others who claim to have made a million from Fiverr. Do we think you can become a millionaire and make money on Fiverr? We really don’t know for sure as a lot of media could be mocking things up. I do know from experience making a few hundred a week is easily doable.

An article on shows how Alex Fasulo a 25 year old freelancer made $150,000 off Fiverr in 6 months. editing services for articles and blog.  She started with editing services for articles, blog posts and press release writing. Another article from shows how 3 people make 6 figures a year. These are huge figures and for most could be life changing. Looking at articles around the net you will also find stories of people making $400 or more per a week. Depending on your living and financial situation make money on Fiverr working up to $800+ a week could very well change your life.

15 ways to make money on Fiverr

1. Video spokespersons

Video spokesperson is one of the most sought out gigs on Fiverr. Company and brands often look for people that have great video and speech talent. These companies look for people to record their views on camera usually scripted by the customer.

If you have a good camera and a quiet clean place to work this gig can bring you in some cash. This one is also easy to set up a profile as you can pick out anything to review and set that up in your portfolio to exhibit your skills.

Here are some examples: Video spokesperson

2. Website Tester

Make money on Fiverr testing other peoples website. There are a ton of people and companies that want to know how user-friendly their site is. This also includes finding bugs, grammar errors, load errors, the list can go on.

Pretty much anyone that browses the web can do this job. You can create screenshots of issues and submit or get detailed with reports. There is even free and paid software that automates some things for you making it even easier to make money on Fiverr.

3. Deliver a Message

This one may seem crazy but if you look over these types of gigs you will see hundreds of people buying them. Its simple offer things like write a message in the beach sand, put your message on a sign and place it in front of a location, and even write a message on their body??? yea people pay for that last one.

This is a quick and easy $5 for each one you can do. If you are wanting to take it even further you could charge even more.  I have seen people dressing up as crazy things while delivering a message and they sell well.

4. Social Media Manager

For those that are always on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and are actively posting then this is a gig for you. When you create post for clients you are growing their accounts as long as it is engaging content. These gigs can pay $20-$30 a month per a client. That may seem small but a post a day per a client is all it really takes.

5. Content Writing

Are you someone that is great at research and reiterating that information? Content writing is an easy make money on Fiverr for those that have a skill in detailed writing, speaking. I threw speaking in there because there are plenty of apps that use speak to text. Some don’t think they are the best writers or have a hard time throwing their thoughts onto paper or the computer. These gigs can easily earn you $5 – $20 per article, blog or news feed.

6. Whiteboard animation

For those that have a talent in bringing things to life and having fun with it whiteboard animation is an easy fiverr gig. The only thing with this one is you need software to make it happen. That being said a look at the top Fiverr gigs and you will see an lower average of $30 per service.

7. Writing Comments on Blogs

That’s right an easy way to make money on Fiverr is to simply read someone’s blog post and give them a comment. But don’t just think you can write a one liner and get paid. You will want to give a good review, opinion or criticism of the article.

8. Do a Voice-over for videos

Are you one of those that have an awesome voice? You can make a good amount of money on Fiverr using just your voice.

There are plenty of people out there that create videos, ads, whiteboard presentations and more that don’t want to use their own voice for whatever reason. That’s where you can come in and use that awesome voice for a good paying client.

Typically this is scripted and usually charged per word, like 200 words for $5 and additional words are extra. Thats is a good start but once you get customers and your rating goes up you can start charging more for your service.

9. Language translator

If you are skilled with writing or speaking multiple languages you can get paid to translate. There are tons or people out there that would like to have their documents or even videos translated.

10. Proofreading

Proofreading is checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. This can be done in different languages as well. This is typically done by word count, so 1000 words for $5 and so on.

11. WordPress Setup

There are a lot of writers and those that want to start their own ecommerce business. Most of them are great at what they do but dont know a thing about setting up a site or installing the necessary software that they will need. These people will pay nicely to have it done for them.

12. Playing Games

PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, heard of them? Well these popular games can bring in a lot of profit. Should be to no surprise men and boys enjoy playing online games with women. So for those women out there that love video games why not get paid to do so. Looking over the gigs these services range from $5 – $15 for an hour.

13. Virtual Assistant

This one ranges from all sorts of tasks and the pricing is great. From $5 to $100 there is no limit to  what can be done here. Just start small and work your way up. Do your research on what others are offering and just out do them. Keep in mind most do these jobs by the hour but there is no reason you can’t do multiple gigs at the same time. This one offers numerous ways to make money on Fiverr.

14. Business plans

This one is a doozy, and yes that is $350 for this gig. Are you good at coming up with detailed plans not only financially but very specific? This one can be for you and it can be quite popular and you could make a name for yourself. Like other gigs start small and work your way up. 

15. Relationship advice

As shown below this is a big topic and there are many forms of relationship advice. This goes from hearing what others have to say and giving advice to making dating app profiles and telling psychic fortunes. Prices are all over the place for this one so do your research and price accordingly.  

Before starting a gig

Before getting started and posting a gig, do your research! You want your listing to be eye catching and unique. Look at what you are wanting to offer and research those gigs offering the same services. Start by asking yourself the following

  • How you can make your title and description stand out more?
  • What extras can you offer besides everyone else?
  • How much should you charge?
  • How long can it take you to complete a service?

Even following these easy steps won’t guarantee any instant orders. You have to be patient and allow your gig to be seen and compared. Remember most customers if not all are going to look at numerous gigs and do their own research. Your best bet is to sell yourself and make your posting the best you possibly can.

To make money on Fiverr you have to be dedicated and offer more than just one gig or service for things you are great at doing. 

To be successful, you need to find a product or service that costs almost nothing to provide and takes only a few minutes of your time to create and deliver. We’ll look at some examples in a moment, but first let’s look at another way to make gigs worth your time.

A Few More Tips

Once you have a plan in mind, promote your service or product wherever you can, including telling your friends, family and contacts, to make enough sales to become a Level One seller — that’s when you can sell gigs in multiples or sell gig extras.

How you market yourself has a huge impact on your potential earnings. Fiverr seller Mary Ingrassia told Business Insider her business really took off when she used her cell phone to make promotional videos with Pickle, her pet bird, and put them on YouTube. She sells graphic designs and says, “Over the past year, it’s grown to five to fifteen orders per day, with people spending different amounts (between $10 and $20). To date, I’ve made $10,000 and the money just keeps growing.”

When you find something that works, try other markets. There are now many websites copying the Fiverr format, with some slight differences. Here are two: ($5 to $50) ($2 to $100 — no fees)

Open a PayPal account to access your earnings. While the debit card Fiverr offers can be cheaper, you’d need to watch out for several fees, including an activation fee, a charge every time you transfer money to it and a $1-$3 fee for each withdrawal.

Just listing your service for sale isn’t enough to make it successful. You need to put it in the right category, post photos and maybe a video, and do some marketing. In the Fiverr forums, members share what has worked or not worked for them. Use this valuable information to help you make the most of your time on Fiverr.

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